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In the course of time, a concrete floor, even with a reinforced upper layer, starts cracking and produces dust. Exposure to abrasives (shoes, dust, sand, wheels of shopping carts, loaders, stackers) leaves the surface without polish, , surface of step-on areas is covered with “orange peel”, starts producing dust and destroying .

We’ll restore floor surface to its original appearance! Apart from multistage polishing, we treat the surface with a special compound that penetrates into concrete and reinforce the upper layer. This treatment is possible not only for concrete, but also for marble and granite floor, terrazzo .


Result of our work:

    • perfect external appearance – specular gloss on surface;
    • surface is getting 2 times stronger per concrete grade at a depth up to 50 mm;
    • surface watertightness increases by 30 %;
    • abrasive resistance and floor hardness increase by 30%;
    • number of shrinkage cracks are decreasing, tiny cracks are disappearing.
    • impact resistance is increasing;
    • dustemissiondisappears;
    • surface does not absorb but repels water, oil-products and other chemicals;
    • reinforcement and steel fiber are protected from corrosion;
    • the room becomes brighter due to light reflection from the floor.

      Our services for reinforcement and polish of concrete floors and surfaces are popular among productions plants, warehouses, shopping and business centers, government departments, hotels, banks, car dealers and car services, housing and public utilities enterprises, management companies.    


      Reinforcement is applicable for the following surfaces/constructions:

        • concrete, topping floors;
        • marble, granite floors;
        • concrete, gas-concrete walls;
        • concrete ceilings;
        • any supporting and decorative concrete constructions.

          We are ready to perform a test treatment of any provided problem surface free of charge for you to assess the result.