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Daily all-in-one cleaning

The main task of daily all-in-one cleaning is maintaining cleanliness in the rooms. Technologies used in this type of cleaning are focused on preventing sedimentation and deep penetration of dirt intothe coating surfaces.


A standard set of services for daily all-in-one cleaning includes the following services:

  • damp sweeping (manual and / or mechanical);
  • vacuum cleaning of carpets;
  • removing dust and local pollution from surfaces on the level up to 1.7 m;
  • full-service cleaning of toilets with disinfection agents;
  • filling of dispensers and batchers in bathrooms with consumables;
  • dirt removal from waste-baskets, replacement of garbage bags, wiping of litter-bins.

This cleaning list can be changed or supplemented with other types of work by request.


Spring-clean is aimed at the most deep cleaning of surfaces (for this, specialized detergents and equipment are used) and at cleaning hard-to-reach places.

Usually spring-clean takes one day, but exact time, as well as cost of service are determined based on the specific situation.

Activity list of spring-clean depends on customer’s requirements and may include the following:

  • deep manual and /or mechanical cleaning of hard floors;
  • dusting of all horizontal and vertical surfaces;
  • cleaning of windows, glass partitions;
  • facades cleaning;
  • dry cleaning of carpets, cushioned furniture;
  • walls, ceiling washing with chemical cleansing agents.

    When entering into agreement for all-in-one daily service with the company Bonex Group, general cleaning is done once a month within the contract.

    Dry Cleaning of carpets

    There is an opinion that carpets are sources of dust and dirt. It is not true. Carpets keep contamination so as to prevent them from rising in the air. Carpets give a room a modern and cozy look.

    Daily vacuum cleaning during the operation of any carpet can be insufficient, then there is an issue of professional dry cleaning.


    Dry Cleaning of carpets includes the following steps:

      • vacuum cleaning of carpets;
      • removal of stains and chewing gum;
      • deep cleaning (one of two ways):
      - Extraction cleaning - deep cleaning for textile coatings. Drying time - at least 8 hours;

      - Dry (foamy) cleaning - more superficial treatment method (down to 2/3 of pile). Effective on a small pile. Drying time - within 40 minutes.


        Upon the request of the customer, the list of works may also include the following services:

          • removal of odors (cigarette smoke, etc..), Deodorization;
          • protection of carpets - the application of protective impregnations to protect from absorbing contaminants.

            Technology for dry cleaning of carpets is also used for cleaning upholstered furniture.

            Floor Care

            The Bonex Group company offers high quality services of floor care.

            Application of protective agents on the floors (polishes, varnishes, waxes)

            Protection products applied on floors can significantly extend the service life of coatings, greatly facilitate daily cleaning of floors, and improve their appearance as well.


            Technology for applying protective polymer coatings on the floor covering:

              • stripping (floor deep cleaning);
              • application of insulating protective coatings;
              • application of a protective agent.

                Obvious advantages of this type of protection: it can be easily polished, shines and gladdens the eye. This protection can be used on marble, linoleum, vinyl, plastic, ceramic tile, cement and even asphalt.

                Restoration and protection of surfaces made of marble and granite (grinding, polishing, crystallization)

                We offer a complete range of recovery, grinding and polishing marble, granite, concrete, terrazzo floors..


                Main stages when treating the stone surface:

                  • diagnostics;
                  • test recovery;
                  • restoration;
                  • application of protective coatings.

                    Most domestic agents intended for taking care of tile can damage natural stone. After having the stone flor restored to its original beauty, we will train your service staff how to take care of the floor properly.

                    Washing windows and facades

                    Cleanliness of windows is always a decisive factor in the perception of the general appearance of the building. Although people usually don’t pay attention to dirty walls, dirty windows always hit the eye both inside and outside of the room.


                    Experts of the company Bonex Group perform work on:

                    •  washing windows and facades of any complexity, including working at height;
                    • cleaning of facades with a negative angle;

                    • washing heavily soiled glasses;
                    • washing window frames (plastic, aluminum, metal parts).

                    It is recommended to perform window cleaning at least twice a year (spring and autumn), or if and when they get dirty.

                    Cleaning after repair and construction works
                    After repairing, a premise needs specialized cleaning. Construction dust, residues of construction mixes, tape, paint - all of these should be carefully removed without damaging the surface.  


                    Upon the request of the customer list of activities can include the following:

                      • removal of construction debris from premises;
                      • removal of construction dust from surfaces;
                      • washing (manual and / or mechanical) of hard floors;
                      • removal of tape, paint, mortar, and other contaminants from surfaces;
                      • cleaning of windows, glass partitions, stained glass;
                      • cleaning of carpets (vacuum or dry);
                      • polishing chrome surfaces, handrails;
                      • cleaning and polishing of mirrors and glass surfaces;
                      • application of protective coating and impregnations for floors.

                        Cleaning of adjacent areas

                        Nowadays, a clean territory around real estate is not only a confirmation of a successful image of their owners, but also an economically justified necessity. A flow of visitors to a shopping center with a clean parking in winter tine is several times higher than the number of people visiting a mall with poorly cleaned area. A clean, well-kept territory of an enterprise or a business center evokes a sense of confidence and prosperity, which dispose to creating partner relationship.

                        The following is included into the standard set of complex daily cleaning services of territories:

                        Untitled-3.jpg Untitled-3.jpg

                        in winter:

                          • manual and / or mechanical snow removal from the area around the building and from the roof;
                          • manual cleaning of footpaths;
                          • ice chipping;
                          • sprinkling territories with a sand-salt mixture;
                          • cleaning street litter-bins and replacement of plastic bags in them;
                          • snow removal.

                            in summer:

                              • manual and / or mechanical territory cleaning;
                              • wet cleaning of asphalt surfaces;
                              • lawns watering and mowing;
                              • cleaning street litter-bins and replacement of plastic bags in them.

                                Upon the request of the customer, landscape design, road marking, services of parking attendant, gatherer of shopping carts and other types of work can be included in the list of activities.