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Landscaping. Landscape design.

We improve and plant trees and gardens, design landscape both in private buildings and at the adjacent areas of commercial and public buildings, park areas and squares.

Our experts will recommend you what lawn is the best for you: sowing, roll or use of a geogrid. They will also arrange the planting of trees and shrubs, flower beds and rock gardens. At your request it’s possible to plant flower beds shaped as your company’s logo.

Create an atmosphere of bright colors, natural purity and comfort around you!

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Types of work:
    • arrangement of sowing lawn;
    • arrangement of roll lawn;
    • arrangement of lawn using a geogrid;
    • tree planting;
    • arrangement of flower beds;
    • arrangement of company’s logo (flowers, wood chips, gravel);
    • arrangement of rock gardens and rockeries;
    • installation of hardscape elements;
    • planting of shrubs;
    • arrangement of hedges;
    • arrangement of tracks;
    • asphalting;
    • fence installation;
    • sale of fertile soil;
    • development of a sketch and a landscape design;
    • servicing areas (lawn mowing, taking care of trees, shrubs, flower beds, painting curbs, etc.);
    • installation of an artificial sprinkling system;
    • installation of outdoor playsets and playgrounds.