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Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning is a range of works, including professional deep cleaning of industrial buildings, workshops, premises and surrounding area.


Primary areas of industrial cleaning:

  • Cleaning of premises (working spaces, utility spaces, office premises, amenity spaces) including cleaning of walls and ceilings:
  • Cleaning of equipment (conveyors, production lines, chemical reactors, etc.);
  • Cleaning of metal structures(trusses, supports, compression apparatuses, etc.);
  • Cleaning of communication systems (ventilation, air conditioning, water supply, etc.).

Untitled-3.jpg Industrial cleaning can be divided into two major sections;
  • Daily cleaning(according to the schedule agreed with the client);
  • Specialized work (cleaning of various industrial equipment, including paint spray processing, production lines, compression apparatuses, conveyors, etc.).


Daily all-in-one cleaning of industrial premises includes:

  • The main cleaning during the enterprise off hours;
  • Supporting cleaning during the working time;
  • Spring cleaning (according to the agreed schedule with the client);
  • Specialized work (as and when necessary).

16576.jpg The main tasks of daily all-in-one cleaning:

  • Сleaning of all kinds of surfaces: doors, walls, windows, stained glass windows, etc.;
  • Deep washing and cleaning of a floor from soot, oil, lamp-black and other complex contaminants;
  • Keeping buffer zones and surrounding areas clean.


Specialized works:

  • Cleaning of equipment, machines, production lines, utilities, trusses, supports;
  • Preparation of metal structures and equipment for painting;
  • Cleaning up after repair and construction.

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